Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mountain bike in West Recreation Area Stillwater, OK 74075

Since I've been really wanting to get some mountain biking in, and I tired of the trails around my house, I decided to hit up some new ones at Lake McMurty in Stillwater. 

Came down on a Friday night and camped for the night and going to hit it early in the morning while it's still cool. 

The craziest thing thus far is that there is  NOBODY out here. Period. Not a soul in sight. Maybe I heard one person far off, but I literally had my pick of any campsite here. 

Grabbed a great spot right on the edge of the lake. Set my one man tent up (that I haven't had a chance to use yet). Took a dip on the lake to cool off. 

For dinner, I made a boil in a bag meal from Wise company, chili Mac flavored. Terrible. So bland I took a few bites and threw it away. Good thing I brought a Mountain House lasagna one. That's my favorite!  

Drank some wine, listened to some music. Enjoying the stars. It was mind of warm when I got here, but it cooled off quite nicely. 

There's a nice warm glow of light from across the lake which I can only assume  is from Stillwater. It's just enough for me to see my (now) delicious meal. It's times like these that are great to reflect. Find peace. Let your mind wander. Damn it's great out here. 


Didn't sleep a lot. Don't even remember falling asleep. Got up and made oatmeal and coffee, packed up and got geared up to hit the trail. 

The trails were excellent. Very fun. I was exhausted when I was done. I had to do the bypasses because I was so worn out.  7 miles is a ways for me. 

Even though this was a quick trip , I enjoyed the hell out of it. Can't wait to go on another adventure. 
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